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Re-Elect Judge Shannon B. Baldwin

Judge Shannon B. Baldwin is now running for Re-Election of the Harris County Criminal No. 4 seat.

She has spent her career passionately serving and advocating for her clients with the belief that “everyone is entitled to have their rights protected.”

Shannon joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1987. She served at the 75th Maneuver Area Command in Houston, Texas. After graduating college, she was commissioned as an officer, 2nd Lieutenant.

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Our laws are given to us by the U.S. Constitution, Texas Constitution and laws created by the Texas Senate and House of Representatives. Justice is best served by following the law to ensure victims are heard, defendants have fair trials and society is safe.
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Having experienced some of the most extreme disrespect from judges as an attorney, I knew that having a good judicial temperament was imperative. I respect everyone that enters the court and demand the same from everyone else.
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Servant Leader

I opened my court to students immediately. I wanted young adults to have their first experience in a court as an honored guest in a positive way. I educated them on court procedures and the different careers available in the legal field.
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Misdemeanor judge says Harris County DA’s office at fault for some of case backlog crisis

Judge Mike Fields, a retired Republican presiding on Darrell Jordan’s bench, is the latest person to redirect blame over a clogged docket that threatens to cripple justice for people accused of crimes.

As Harris County judges take heat for felony bonds, critics point to unnoticed culprit: The bondsmen
As Harris County judges take heat for felony bonds, critics point to unnoticed culprit: The bondsmen

Judges set bail, but it’s the bondsmen who decide how much a defendant pays to get out of jail.
The long-held 10 percent standard — with defendants or their loved ones paying a tenth of the bail amount to a private company — is not gospel anymore in Harris County and likely never was. People have been securing their release from jail on lower fees for years, according to county data and bail agents.

Facts About Bail And Criminal Justice Reform: A Must Read!
Facts About Bail And Criminal Justice Reform: A Must Read!

A quick summary of the incredible positive impact ODonnell has had in terms of avoiding family separation, avoiding convictions, and reducing costs, I put together a quick list of bullet points:


What People Say About Me

“My husband was charged with murder and faced 45 years. I contacted Ms. Baldwin and felt very comfortable with her and her abilities. We went to court for over a year. She was always the same, did not rush the process or encourage my husband to take a plea. At the end of the day the charges were dropped. I recommended her to several people and the outcome was the same.

She would be an excellent, fair judge and my only disappointment is that we would lose her as a lawyer.”

Cheryl J


“I am thankful that Shannon diligently worked on my case for hours to make sure I was fairly represented. She is honest, caring, and forthcoming. I couldn’t see any one else better suited for judge on this planet; I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Michael B


“As I fight back tears, I remember my angel saying how afraid she was for me as I faced a life sentence. Empathy and kindness is all she showed me as she fought for my life. Please help me support my angel, Ms. Shannon Baldwin for Judge. Let’s rally behind her so she can continue to spread her wings. She is experienced, just, fair, and someone I will always trust. If I thanked Shannon daily for the rest of my life it still wouldn’t be enough.”

Tony M

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